Win to Win tips – Premier League Matchday #36

The Premier League is the most prestigious tournament in the world. It is a great opportunity to learn the latest news from the world of football. Today, we will see the results of the matches of the English Premier League.

The season of the Premier League began on the 30th of August and ended on the 20th of May. The winner of the tournament is determined by the number of points scored in matches. The teams that scored the most points in the Premier league are:
* Liverpool;
* Manchester City;
* Chelsea;
* Arsenal;
and so on.
The results of matches of this tournament are available on the website of sports statistics. Here, you can find the latest information about the PremierLeague.
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Premier League Results
The start of the new season of English Premier league was not so successful for the teams. The first matches of Premier league showed that the teams are still not ready for the fight for the title. The main problem of the teams was the lack of motivation. The players of the clubs were not ready to play for the top 4.
However, the Premier liga is a tournament of the strongest teams. Liverpool, Manchester City, Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur, and Chelsea are the teams that have won the most Premier league titles. The list of the most successful clubs of the season is impressive.
In the first rounds, the teams of the championship were not so confident. The problems of the first matches were caused by the injuries of some leaders. However, the players of Liverpool, Chelsea, and Manchester City managed to recover.
It is easy to follow the Premierliga results on the sports statistics website. Here all the information is updated in real time.
Results of the First Rounds
The first rounds of the football championship were held in the middle of August. The matches of Liverpool and Manchester United were not very successful. However the teams managed to improve their position in the standings.
After the first games, the leaders of the club championship were:
· “Manchester City”;
· “Liverpool”.
“Liverpool” was the leader in the first round, but the team was not able to fight for victory in the fight. The team lost two matches out of three.
At the beginning of the second round, the results were not as good for the leaders. “Chelsea” was the first to fall. The loss of the team cost the team the victory in this round.
Manchester City was the team that managed to win the fight in the second rounds. The leaders of City were: “Arsenal”, “Tottenham” and “Crystal Palace”
The team of “City” won the fight against “United” in the third round. The victory in that round was the best result of the Manchester City in the championship.
Liverpool was the main contender for the victory. The club was leading the fight until the last rounds. However “LFC” managed to lose the fight and lost the title to “Man City“.
This is the list of leaders of Premier League:
1. Liverpool
2. Manchester City
3. Chelsea
4. Arsenal
5. Tottenham Hotspurs
6. Crystal Palace
7. Manchester United
8. Everton
9. Watford
10. Sheffield United
11. Sheffield Wednesday
12. Leeds United
13. Sheffield Utd
14. Norwich
15. Aston Villa
16. Middlesbrough
17. Sheffield Eagles
18. Sheffield St.
19. Sheffield Stars
20. Sheffield Unites
21. Sheffield Wolves
22. Sheffield Miners
23. Sheffield Arsenal
24. Sheffield Everton
25. Sheffield Sheffield
26. Sheffield Stoke
27. Sheffield Rotherham
28. Sheffield Wards
29. Sheffield Wednes
30. Sheffield Blades
31. Sheffield Cottagers
32. Sheffield Merseys
33. Sheffield Port
34. Sheffield Barnsley
35. Sheffield West Bromwich
36. Sheffield Yorks
37. Sheffield Wycombe
38. Sheffield City
39. Sheffield Sporting
40. Sheffield Eintracht
41. Sheffield Mainz
42. Sheffield Derby
43. Sheffield Spurs
44. Sheffield Aston Villa
45. Sheffield Hull
46. Sheffield Wolverhampton
47. Sheffield Leeds
48. Sheffield Leicester
49. Sheffield Watford
50. Sheffield Charlton
51. Sheffield Huddersfield
52. Sheffield Crystal Palace
53. Sheffield Norwich
54. Sheffield Swansea
55. Sheffield Brighton
56. Sheffield Southampton
57. Sheffield Sunderland
58. Sheffield Oldham
59. Sheffield Leyton Orient
60. Sheffield Chelmsford
61. Sheffield Forest
62. Sheffield Southend
63. Sheffield Eastleigh
64. Sheffield Grimsby
65. Sheffield Shrews
66. Sheffield Fylde
67. Sheffield Workington
68. Sheffield Albion
69. Sheffield New Brighton
70. Sheffield Swindon
71. Sheffield Rangers
72. Sheffield Preston
73. Sheffield White

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