Big match in Leicester: Manchester City vs Liverpool

The Premier League is a tournament that attracts fans from all over the world. It is a real pleasure to watch the matches of the top teams. It has become much easier to follow the results of the matches thanks to the development of the Internet.
This season, the Premier League has become more interesting for fans. The teams are constantly changing, so it is really difficult to keep track of all the changes. The main favorites of the season are Manchester City and Liverpool. The latter has already won the title three times.
The teams met for the first time in the English Premier League. The game lasted for about an hour, and the result was a draw. This is not the first match between the teams, as they met in the Champions League. However, the game ended in a draw, which was not the case with the previous matches.

The main goal of the teams is to win the title, so they will do everything to win. The Premier League table is always changing, which means that the teams have to be ready to play in any conditions.
Live Results of Matches of the Premier league
The English Premier league is a very popular tournament. The top clubs compete for the title of the best. The season has already ended, and we can see that the main favorites are Manchester United and Liverpool, who have already won it three times already.
In the Premier, the teams play in a round-robin format. This means that each team plays against all the others, so the games are held in the same time. The matches are held at the same place, which makes it possible to watch them live.
However, the Internet has made it much easier for fans to follow their favorite teams. They can use the Internet to find the schedule of the upcoming matches, as well as to find out the results.
Manchester City and Leicester City have already played in the Premier. The City won, but the match ended in an away draw. The team of Josep Guardiola has a good chance to win it again, because it is the first in the championship.
Liverpool has a very good chance of winning the champion title, too. The Merseysiders have a good lineup, which allows them to play at the highest level.
It is very important for the team to win all matches, because this will be the only way to win in the long tournament distance.
Main Favorites of the Season
The season has ended, so now it is time to look at the results and the standings of the championship of England. The favorites of this season are:
1. Manchester City. The club has a great lineup, and this allows it to play against any opponent. The Citizens have already managed to win three titles, so this is an excellent result.
2. Liverpool. This team has a long tournament, and it is important for it to win every match.
3. Chelsea. The Blues have a great squad, and they are ready to fight for the champion trophy.
4. Arsenal. The Gunners are the main contender for the Champions title.
5. Tottenham Hotspur. The Spurs are a team that is always ready to win, and their lineup is very good.
6. Manchester United. The Red Devils have a long and successful history, and now they are trying to win back to the Champions league.
7. Manchester Utd. The fans are very passionate, and many of them are ready for a fight.
8. Arsenal and Chelsea. Both of these clubs are in the top eight, and if they win, they will have a chance to get into the top four.
All results of matches of Premier league are available on the reliable resource. It offers the results in live mode, which is convenient for fans who want to follow all the results at once.
Soccer results of Manchester City
The City is a team of the Guardiola’s, and he has managed to become one of the main contenders for the championship title. The previous season, they won the champion’ title, and in the new season they will try to win another one.
Josep Guardiola� has a squad that is very strong, and its main players are:
1-Werner, who is a midfielder;
2-Kompany, who plays as a defender;
3-Pereira, who can play on the left side of the field.
These players are very important to the team, because they have a lot of responsibilities. The players have to help the team win the championship, so their performance is important.
They have already met in two matches, and a draw was the result. The result of the game is a draw in the standings. The match ended with the score of 0:0, which does not correspond to the fact that the team won.
City has a chance of getting into the Champions’ League, because the team has good players and a good coach. The lineup of the team is very balanced, which gives it the possibility to play on all fronts.
Team’ Goals of the Last Season
In previous seasons, the City has won the championship three times, and each time it was the main favorite. This season, it is very difficult to predict the result of any match.

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